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California parenting plan negotiations involve the relationships

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2013 | Child Custody

When a couple with children decides to divorce, the issues of child custody and child support are regularly issues that must be resolved in the divorce. It is important to understand that commentators say that the two issues are better considered as separate issues.

Child custody and visitation issues are about relationships between a parent and a child. While custody arrangements typically influence child support obligations, commentators say that parents should not focus on the money when working to resolve child custody issues.

Each spring and early summer our culture recognizes Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Many California child custody and visitation agreements recognize these important holidays, setting forth arrangements to allow the child or children to spend time with the honored parent on these recognized dates.

Details over other holidays are often included in a California parenting plan. But, the issue about where a child (or children) will live is important year round for the children and parents alike.

When a parent approaches the issue of custody, it is important to recognize that best the interests of the child are paramount, as our Alameda County, California area readers may know from previous entries on this blog. Commentators suggest that a parent seeking to resolve child custody issues should keep several important points in mind.

First, it is important to be clear about what goals a parent has in resolving custody issues. A parent who wants more time with the child, including sole custody, needs to be clear of that goal from the outset. A family law attorney can help a father or mother address such issues.

Second, any divorce proceeding can involve strong emotions. Child custody issues are not about revenge, and courts do apply the best interests of the child standards when the court is asked to resolve a custody dispute.

Similarly, as noted above, more time in a parenting plan should be focused on the relationship between parent and child, not about the separate issue of child support.

In discussing custody issues, comments about support may derail the custody negotiations, according to some commentators. But fighting for the time you want in a custody negotiation or dispute is on point in working out a parenting plan.

Being involved with the children goes a long way in custody disputes. But, analysts say that extending an olive branch to the other parent is also important as divorced parents with children may have to engage in co-parenting post divorce.

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