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Steve Nash seeks to vacate child support post divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2013 | Child Support

Los Angeles Laker point guard Steve Nash is battling in a different type of court than some may not be accustomed to see him appearing in. The basketball star is engaged in a dispute in family court over child support. Although many may not be accustomed to seeing Nash appear in family court, this is not the first family law dispute between the two.

Nash filed for divorce from his ex-wife Alexandra Amarilla in late 2010. The NBA player says that his ex-wife has enough money and additional child support payments will only act to allow her to spoil the kids.

He says that his ex-wife received a large settlement in the divorce, and he pays many expenses on behalf of the children other than the child support payments. The family court judge reportedly agreed with Nash, and his ex-wife has appealed that ruling.

Notably, the case is being handled in Arizona—not California. Reports indicate that the NBA player and his ex-wife previously engaged in a form of child custody dispute late last year.

Nash argued in court to prevent his ex-wife from moving to California with the kids in the previous dispute.

Generally, child support issues in California are governed in a rather formulaic fashion. The child support issue is also dependent upon the individual child custody arrangement between the parents in California. The law generally takes into account the amount of time the kids spend with each parent and the parent’s relative individual incomes. But, other issues may arise in individual cases.

Child support and child custody issues are among those concepts that may require modification—even after a couple divorces. A change in circumstances, such as an injury, job change, or loss of a job, may give rise to the need for a non-custodial parent to seek a modification of child support. A California family law attorney can assist a divorced parent in post-divorce modification issues.

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