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October 2013 Archives

Outside experts may help resolve issues in a California divorce

Many stories that make the news in the area of family law tend to focus on the disputes that may be involved in a divorce. Even in fairly amicable divorces there may be an issue where the parties cannot seem to find common ground. In more highly contested divorces, the issues can be complex.

Adrian Peterson asks for child visitation order enforcement

Child support, custody and visitation issues can arise at nearly any time in family court. Divorced parents may return to family court to modify a support or custody order based upon a substantial change of circumstances. Parents may also need to return to court to enforce a prior family court order.

Governor Brown signs bill authorizing more than 2 legal parents

It may be possible for a child in California to have more than two legal parents under a law signed by California Governor Jerry Brown last week. The law is aimed at recognizing the changing landscape of the family structure, according to its sponsor who is a state senator from San Francisco. Under the new law, a court may issue an order that recognizes more than two legal parents. Last year, the governor vetoed a similar measure.

Michael Jordan hit with second paternity lawsuit of the year

Popular media and cable outlets seem to be adding more episodes and shows that cover paternity issues. In the real world, a paternity determination is more than fodder for public amusement. Paternity cases are intended to establish important rights.