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Some divorces may be financially beneficial

California couples who decide to end their marriages often find the process to be very difficult and painful. Divorces may also leave people with fewer assets and smaller incomes. However, there are still some potential benefits that people might enjoy.

In many cases, custodial parents will have smaller incomes after they get divorced. While this may have an impact on their lifestyles, it may also allow their children to secure financial aid for college that they otherwise might not have received. After a divorce, people will also be able to start over and to have freedom in making their financial decisions. This can help them to rethink their priorities and plan their futures better.

Dangerous and toxic relationships justify divorce

Most California couples recognize that relationships have their ups and downs and not every issue leads to divorce. Marriages that inflict abuse and deep unhappiness, however, might be irreparable. The safety of children especially demands action as does a spouse's ongoing destructive behavior, like drinking.

Parents in unhappy unions also should consider the example that they are setting for their children. A person who believes that the unpleasant home life inflicts unacceptable stress on a family should consider divorce. Warning signs like emotional and verbal abuse that escalate to include threats of physical assault should not be ignored. One woman who had been excusing her husband's angry outbursts because of his stress finally pursued a divorce after he said he would attack her child.

Alimony a big part of divorce, but so is tracking alimony

One of the topics that may cause a lot of divisiveness and uncertainty in a divorce is alimony, also known as spousal support. Alimony will not be granted in every divorce, but when it is granted, the spouses involved need to take heed of their recordkeeping practices. The information contained within each payment is vital, and you will want to keep track of it just in case there are any pieces of litigation in the future.

So if you are receiving or paying alimony, what should you know about recordkeeping?

Protecting a business throughout a divorce

Divorce is rarely simple, but, in California, it can prove far more complex and devastating than spouses may expect. This is particularly true for individuals who face divorce and also own a business.

California is a community property state, which means that divorcing spouses divide marital property equally, rather than "equitably." While this distinction affects couples in different ways, it poses a significant threat to business owners if the their business is considered marital property.

Placing a value on unusual assets during a divorce

Getting divorced is often a messy process. First, there's filing for divorce and serving your spouse with necessary paperwork. Then, you have to make temporary child support, custody and visitation arrangements. You also need to determine how to divide your assets, which can be a complicated process. In fact, the more assets you've accumulated during your marriage, the harder dividing them up may prove to be.

How California enforces child support orders

It's a familiar nightmare story related to divorce. One parent seemingly just walks away from his or her responsibility to the kids. Although the courts may issue a temporary order for child support during the divorce proceedings, as well as a permanent injunction after finalizing the divorce, that doesn't mean it will get paid. Sometimes, the non-custodial parent just refuses to pay child support, despite the moral and legal obligation to do so.

These 2 tips help settle your case effectively

Your family has been lucky in life, and as a result, you're fortunate to have many assets. One thing that you've found you worry about is the potential for those assets to be taken from you during your divorce. There is a possibility that some of your assets may need to be divided, but with some preparation, you can be ready for what divorce brings.

There are a couple tips to follow if you want to avoid spending too much money or losing too many assets in divorce. The first is to avoid court if you can. The second is to be willing to negotiate.

Later-in-life divorce on the rise

Technology has changed lifestyles and life spans. As Americans continue to live longer and longer, our personal lives take a new trajectory. One noted change in the past half-century is the rise in divorce for those over the age of 50.

Different ages, different needs

Protecting privacy in a contentious divorce

One of the worst aspects of the divorce process is that everyone gets to take a peek at your private life. One glance at court records reveals details about your finances, your family culture and your own intimate behavior, that you would rather keep to yourself.

As online electronic records become the rule, it is quite possible for complete strangers to know who said what to whom. You can ask judges to seal your divorce records, but there is no guarantee they will honor the request.

Blac Chyna paying child support a possibility

California is home to many celebrities, and their relationships and breakups bring real-world matters of child custody and child support into the headlines. Reports indicate that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna could be on the verge of reaching a custody agreement for their 9-month-old daughter. As for child support, the incomes of the former romantic partners support the speculation that Chyna might need to pay child support to Kardashian.

Currently, the young daughter lives most of the time with her father. His apparent custodial role coupled with reports that Chyna has the higher income could mean that if he filed for child support, the law could support his claim. According to reports, Chyna has been gaining lucrative work with public appearances and hosting jobs. Kardashian appears rarely on his family's reality television show and does not appear to have many sources of revenue. The reality show that he had planned with Chyna dissolved along with their relationship.

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