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May 2013 Archives

Analysts say over 50 divorces are on the rise

Sociologists say that a new trend appears to be emerging in the area of family law. Research conducted at Bowling Green University says that the divorce rate among people over the age of 50 has been rising, while the divorce rate for younger Americans has showed signs of leveling off.

US father embroiled in international child custody dispute

Child custody disputes in California may often be resolved through consideration of the best interests of the child standard used in family law. Generally, family law issues are a matter for state courts. However, a recent dispute in the South is being considered in a federal courtroom. And the issue does not directly involve whether the father or the mother should have custody of the child—the issue is what law and what country should decide the child custody dispute.

Steve Nash seeks to vacate child support post divorce

Los Angeles Laker point guard Steve Nash is battling in a different type of court than some may not be accustomed to see him appearing in. The basketball star is engaged in a dispute in family court over child support. Although many may not be accustomed to seeing Nash appear in family court, this is not the first family law dispute between the two.

California lawmakers consider sperm donor paternity issue

Many fathers who have been shut out of a child’s life may turn to family law to assert parental rights. Often, a person may have to first establish paternity of the child in order to assert any parental rights. One issue that has been cropping up in many settings is whether or not a sperm donor should have any parental rights to a child.

'Best interests of the child' applies in custody determinations

Child custody and visitation issues can, at times, lead to contentious disputes in family court. Parents who love their kids may quarrel over how the children should be raised. But, that kind of dispute is not confined to the family court. Certainly, many parents quarrel over how to raise the kids.