The Benefits Of Using Mediation

Too often, people find themselves regretting the terms of their divorce, saddled with financial terms and custody arrangements that seem punitive rather than fair. Mediation is a cost-effective, relatively uncomplicated means for settling family law disputes that place the parties affected in charge of their own fate.

Effective, Experienced Mediators

At the Pleasanton Law Offices of John A. Guthrie, our lawyers assist parties in finding common ground so important for reaching a resolution mutually agreeable to the parties involved. As attorneys who facilitate the mediation process, we do not represent any one party or side; rather, we focus our attention on important financial and legal issues that affect both parties.

As a result, we take pre-emptive action when discussions threaten to derail the mediation process, bringing both parties back to central issues pertaining to property division, debt, child custody, and visitation rights.

We can help you reach an agreement that avoids lengthy, contentious litigation and further emotional stress. To schedule a free initial consultation for you and your client, contact our mediation attorneys at Law Offices of John A. Guthrie today.

Why Family Law And Divorce Mediation Makes Sense

When a divorce or other family law issue is litigated, evidence is presented by both sides in order to convince a judge to settle an issue in their favor. As a result, it's not uncommon for child custody battles and disputes over the division of property to turn angry and contentious. However, since a judge must take a number of issues into consideration, as well as the best interest of any children involved, he or she may impose terms neither party finds appealing.

When parties enter into mediation, however, they exercise much greater control over the final outcome of their case. While a court must approve the final terms agreed to, both parties are in a much better position to negotiate a settlement they find acceptable.

This is especially important when dividing marital property. For example, a husband may agree to sign over his equity in the couples' home in exchange for the complete value of his pension fund. Likewise, custody arrangements and visitation schedules can be customized to reflect the preferences of both parents and their children.

Getting Started Family Law Mediation And How We Can Help You

Effective mediation begins with proper preparation and an understanding of the goals to be achieved. Our lawyers explain what sorts of financial information should be provided while preparing a list of goals to be achieved. Since emotions can often interfere with mediation, our attorneys are especially diligent in keeping clients on focus.

Avoid recriminations and conflict that lead to expensive litigation — contact the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie today at 925-271-4342.