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Former teen bride celebrates separation with divorce party

Most people are highly critical of spring-autumn marriages, wondering about the motives of both parties involved. It should come as little surprise then that young Courtney Stodden and her mother both received a lot of negative press when Courtney married. She was only 16 years old, but her mother signed off on her marriage to her then 50-year-old husband, Doug Hutchinson.

An attorney protects assets in divorces involving spousal support

Sometimes, it can feel like taking the high road to decide to move through the divorce process without involving attorneys. Unfortunately, trying to end a marriage can be a messy, drawn-out process where emotions run high, leading to compromised decision making.

National alimony reform has not changed California's law yet

In our law practice, we regularly represent spouses who are divorcing and facing questions of spousal support or alimony, both those spouses who are potential recipients and those who are more likely to pay support. While some other states have recently enacted major reforms to conventional alimony laws, California is still in many ways fairly traditional in how it instructs judges to determine spousal support awards.

How your spouse might be hiding money in your divorce

For couples going through a divorce, dividing the marital property is one of the most difficult things that they will have to do. Under California law, each spouse is entitled to half of the assets they accumulated during the marriage.

What you should know if your divorce ends up going to court

At our firm, we have a lot of people who come to us looking for assistance with their divorce. While the great majority of these cases are resolved prior to trial, there are instances where it is necessary to head inside the courtroom.

Do you own a business with your spouse? What happens after divorce?

There are many married couples who own a business together. They have spent countless hours devoting their time and money into making the entity thrive. The income generated by the business is something that they both rely upon to meet their financial obligations.

Three things you should do if you are considering filing for divorce

If ending your marriage seems like a real possibility, you probably have questions about what you need to do. Most people do not simply file for divorce without planning, so you need to be sure that you know some of the basic steps that you should take at this time.

What really happens during a divorce - and how to make sure you are ready for it

Divorce is something that most people do not clearly understand. They think that by filing to end their marriage that they will experience a clean break once things are finalized. However, once a person decides to file for divorce, they will experience major changes that will have a significant impact upon their future.