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October 2015 Archives

Grandmother hides children on reservation in custody battle

A complicated case involving jurisdictional issues between tribal and state courts may interest people in California. In the case, a woman has taken her two grandsons to live on a North Cheyenne reservation in Montana following a state court's order that the children be sent to live with their father in Minnesota.

Drug testing false positives and custody issues

Most California parents whose marriages have come to an end genuinely want what is best for their young children. Unfortunately, during custody disputes, accusations of drug use can become an issue. In response to such accusations, or knowledge that a parent has had issues with drugs in the past, the courts may order drug testing.

Committing fraud when divorcing

When a California couple decides to end their marriage, both parties typically want to feel financially secure and that they are getting a settlement they deserve. While wanting one's fair share of joint assets is understandable, one partner sometimes tries to manipulate shared finances so that he or she can receive a disproportionate amount of assets. Concealing things from one spouse during a divorce is dangerous as it may constitute fraud.