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February 2015 Archives

The different types of California domestic violence

Domestic violence is generally defined as any act or pattern of abuse that one person uses to control another. Actions intended to manipulate, isolate or humiliate another person can be considered domestic abuse even if there is no physical harm done to that person. For instance, an individual may attempt to control his or her partner by withholding access to that partner's bank account or by refusing to allow that person to work.

Dividing assets and liabilities after a California divorce

After a divorce, both parties are asked to go through their debts and assets to determine how to divide them. The goal is to divide everything as equally as possible. For instance, if one party gets the house, that same party may also be responsible for taking care of credit card debt that the couple accumulated. In the event that the couple has multiple bank accounts, the assets inside of the accounts should be separated equally.

A child's opinion in California custody matters

When a couple with children divorces in California, one of the most important considerations the court or parents have to make is what parental rights each party receives. The 2015 California Rules of Court dictate how a child's opinion might influence child custody matters.

California divorce and credit implications

California is a community property state, which means all debts and assets are considered to belong to both parties while married. Any debts incurred during the marriage, even on an individual account such as a credit card, may be reported on both spouses' credit reports regardless of who is responsible in name for paying the debt. Knowing how to protect oneself from credit ramifications after a divorce can help eliminate potential financial problems later.