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Ways to make the divorce process smoother

It is common for California couples to make mistakes when they are getting divorced. Some of these errors happen because people do not build up sufficient support networks or because they are bombarded with conflicting information. It is possible, however, to make the process smoother.

The connection between the holidays and divorce rate spikes

Many families in California spend January focusing on the post-holiday return to work and preparing for colder weather. Some married couples experience another type of coldness in the first month of the year: January is notorious for its high rate of divorce filings. It is believed that the reason for this could be because divorces desired earlier are put off until after the December holidays.

What to do when divorce is the next step

California residents who have made the decision to file for divorce at the beginning of the year may have a lot of work ahead of them. In addition to seeking well-meaning advice from family and friends, there are some things that experts recommend spouses that do before beginning the separation process.

Signs of parental alienation and what to do

Divorces can often lead to abrupt behavioral changes in a child. For example, the child might suddenly become argumentative or even have explosive rages. They may ask the parent to stop attending extracurricular activities, and the parent could be removed from contact lists for camp and school. California divorcees should be aware that these could all be signs that parental alienation is occurring.

Deciding whether to get a prenuptial agreement

Since California is a community property state, people that get a divorce there may be required to split their marital property equally if they do not have a prenuptial agreement. Some individuals may feel that getting a prenup means they are preparing to divorce before they are even married, but there are certain situations in which this document can protect a person's assets in case he or she gets divorced, or his or her spouse dies.

Divorce can be a challenge for business owners

When entrepreneurship is combined with divorce in California, many financial and emotional concerns could arise. A family or personal business owned by one or both partners can be subject to inclusion in the division of assets in a divorce. This can be very difficult for some spouses, especially when the business is successful and the fruit of many years of work.

Tips for deciding whether to postpone divorce for children

People in California might wonder whether they should postpone a divorce for the sake of their children. The answer to this depends upon the specific circumstances. Although their parents' divorce can be stressful for children, there are circumstances in which it may be the best choice.

Understanding the legal divorce process

For California residents and others going through a divorce, it can be an overwhelming and stressful process. This is because individuals may be attempting to legally end their marriages while still dealing with the emotional pain that it may bring. The first step is deciding what the divorce process will look like. In some cases, mediation or collaborative divorce may be better than trying to resolve the matter through litigation.

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