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What divorced parents can do to help children during holidays

The holidays can be a tough time for divorced and separated families. Anger, fear, sadness and betrayal are among the emotions that both children and adults might contend with, but parents need to set these emotions aside to focus on their children. It is important to try to make sure that children still enjoy their holidays even though it may be hard for the parents.

How parents may protect their children during a divorce

When parents in California go through a divorce, there might be reasons that one parent is concerned that the child is unsafe with the other parent. In one case, one father was worried that the child's other parent would drink and drive with their 7-year-old son in the car. She had moved away with the child and cut off contact. The father was also concerned because she had not been the child's main caregiver during their relationship.

Avoiding common tax and other financial errors in divorce

For some people in California, the challenges of divorce can include making some common financial mistakes, but awareness of those errors may help people avoid them. Many mistakes happen because people do not have a financial plan in place. They can create one of these with the help of a professional.

Study looks at link between divorce and premarital cohabitation

When couples in California live together before getting married, they might experience something researchers call the "premarital cohabitation effect." This is the name given to the struggles cohabitating couples face after getting married. Many researchers have found that over time, this effect eventually dissipates.

Raising children after a divorce

Divorce is never easy on a family in California. However, kids can bounce back from a separation when parents are perceptive to their needs. Since divorcing parents are also struggling with their life-changing circumstances, they might look to some specific tips to help them focus on raising their children.

Some workers are more likely to divorce than others

People in California may not be surprised to consider that their career choices affect their personal lives, from their physical and psychological health to their interpersonal relationships. According to one study, however, the reach of career choice into romantic partnership goes beyond the effects of stress or a long workday. The September 2018 study says that when straight, married people work around more people of the opposite sex, they are also more likely to have a divorce.

Health risks to watch out for during gray divorce

As the divorce rate for older couples continues to rise, California residents who are considering divorce and are also over age 50 might be concerned about how to take care of themselves during and after the process. While divorce takes an emotional toll on everyone involved, older people are at higher risk for developing physical and emotional health conditions.

Reasons why couples may want to consider a prenup before marriage

Couples in California planning to legally become one often anticipate spending a lifetime together. Realistically, not all marriages will last as long as expected for one reason or another. While there's no way for soon-to-be-spouses to know for sure if a marriage will end in the future, having a prenuptial agreement can provide some added peace of mind and financial security under the right circumstances. Without this type of document, assets are typically divided as per state guidelines, which is sometimes a 50/50 split.

Valentine's Day weddings face high divorce rate

When couples in Alameda County set their wedding dates, divorce may be the last thing on their minds. Couples may choose a specific date for any number of reasons. In some cases, they may opt for a date with special personal significance; in other cases, the date reflects the best time for most family members to attend. People may also choose a wedding date for a discount or better rate at the wedding or reception venue. According to one study, however, a couple's choice of wedding date could be correlated with their later likelihood of divorce.

Student loans can lead to a divorce

People who graduated from college in 2017 did so with an average student loan debt of $39,400. Overall, someone who has a student loan debt has an average balance of $34,144, which is a 62 percent increase in the past decade. This debt load can have a significant impact on the success of a California marriage. According to a study from Student Loan Hero, more one in three who took part said that college debt had an impact on their marriage.

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