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Child custody woes of Tyrese play out on social media

Celebrities in California and around the country often represent a source of drama when their relationships turn south. Tyrese, the actor and rapper involved in a child custody dispute with his ex-wife, has endured public ridicule after one of his Instagram posts went viral. He wept in a video as he described paying $13,000 a month in child support while being unable to see his daughter.

Steps parents can take to obtain child custody

Parents in California generally want a relationship with their children after a divorce. While some do try to avoid their responsibilities, this is far from the norm. These days, the ccourts generally give each parent an equal opportunity to obtain custody of their child, but parents may need to be ready to assert those rights. One way to increase the odds of obtaining custody is to keep good records.

Parenting plan and child custody tips

While there is a stereotype that divorced fathers do not spend enough time with their children, many fathers care very much about this. A California father who is concerned about custody and visitation might think ahead of time about what he might propose whether it is sole custody or some kind of joint or shared custody. He should also be able to communicate either in negotiations with the spouse or in court why he is asking for this particular arrangement. While the arrangement must account for the parents' work obligations, ultimately the court will be looking for one that is in the best interests of the child.

Disability's impact on a custody dispute

Many California couples might find themselves fighting for custody of their children after a divorce. For some, this process, which is complex and emotional, might become even more complicated if one of the parents has a disability, because the other party might use it as a way to gain custody.

The argument for shared parenting

Parents in California who are getting a divorce may be concerned about child custody and the welfare of their children. One professor of adolescent and educational psychology asserts that excluding situations in which children have to be protected from an abusive parent, shared parenting should be the standard for children, even for those who are very young.

Handling retirement accounts during a divorce

California residents may be understandably concerned about the state of their retirement savings in the event of a divorce. It can be immensely stressful to possibly lose much of the money they have spent years accumulating. However, careful preparation and foresight can go a long way toward minimizing some of the financial ramifications of divorce and help protect one's valuable retirement assets.

Providing stability for children with divorced parents

Even after a former California couple with young children settles their divorce, they may find themselves still having to have some sort of relationship with each other while they raise the children. One of the major arguments that many have is what rules for their kids they will be implementing at home. However, if those house rules are different, the children can have a hard time adjusting.

Handling a difficult coparenting relationship

Coparenting in a high-conflict relationship after a divorce can be difficult, but if the conflict is largely about difficulties between the California parents and issues such as addiction or abuse are not present, there may be ways to defuse the situation. A parent should be aware of what is likely to upset the other parent since knowing this can help keep the situation under control.

The benefits of shared parenting

In 80 percent of divorce cases that involve children, women receive sole custody. This may present a problem for California mothers who want to get back into the workforce after their marriages end. While getting custody of children may represent a victory in the beginning, it may actually make women dependent on child support payments. One solution is to make shared parenting more common in the United States.

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