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How parents can handle child custody and visitation

When parents in Alameda County make a decision to live apart from each other, both may need to come to an agreement about child custody and visitation. While each family has its own unique circumstances, several types of arrangements are some of the most common options to arrange shared parenting time. Among the options that are most popular are weekly joint custody schedules, weekend visitation options, vacation and holiday visitation, and supervised or third-party visitation.

Making changes in child support and custody

California parents who decide to divorce may face a difficult time when dealing with child custody and support. Some divorcing parents are quickly able to negotiate an amicable solution on these matters and develop a parenting plan that honors both parents' role in the children's lives. However, divorcing spouses with a more contentious relationship may find themselves embroiled in a battle over child custody. As a result, many mothers and fathers feel as if they are treated unfairly in court.

Back child support and purchasing a home

A California parent who owes back child support is considered to have a derogatory credit event in their credit history. This child support arrearage could actually impair the chances of getting a loan approved to purchase a home. However, there are steps a parent can take to address the issue.

Understanding child support

In order for a child support arrangement to be established, the relationship between the child and the parent has to be established. Parents in California should understand that verifying the maternity and paternity of a child is an important factor in obtaining child support, and they should be aware of what steps need to be taken.

The four different types of child support cases

When California parents split up or get a divorce, one parent may be required to pay child support to the other parent. However, child support payments can be confusing when parents are first starting to make payments. This is because there are four types of child support cases: IV-D cases, IV-A cases, IV-E cases and non-IV-D cases.

How to co-parent effectively after a divorce

Estranged California parents need to prioritize the best interests of their children after a divorce. This means understanding that the other parent is important to the child despite the differences between the parents. Parents should allow their children to talk about their life with the other parent and avoid putting the child in the middle.

How joint custody impacts child support payments

When a parent in California gets joint custody, they share time with their children with the other parent. Essentially, both parents are responsible for the emotional, financial and educational well-being of the child. This may cause some divorcing parents to wonder what impact joint custody will have on the amount of child support that will be paid.

The effects of money issues before and after divorce

For many California parents whose marriages end in divorce, money issues play a significant role in the separation. For some of them, financial issues continue to impact their interactions and decisions even after the divorce papers are signed. When these decisions are made from anger, they can even negatively affect the children's well-being. Finances can drive some parents to lose focus of what should come first: the children's best interests.

How to handle child support payers who refuse to make money

Ideally, parents in California and throughout the country will do what is best for their children. However, some choose to either not report their income or make less than their true earning potential to avoid paying child support. If a person chooses to engage in such activity, it is referred to as voluntary impoverishment. While it can be frustrating for a custodial parent to not get the support that they may be entitled to, there are ways to compel payment.

Child support statistics highlight single parents' struggles

Child custody and support can be challenging issues for divorcing spouses in Alameda County to sort out as they move forward. There are a lot of popular misconceptions about the amount of child support that people receive and how much financial freedom that it provides, especially related to major media coverage of celebrity divorces. For most Americans, however, the picture is far different. U.S. Census Bureau statistics present a clearer picture of the child support situation for people across the country.

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