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Modern marriages and shifting gender roles

Traditional marital roles have been changing in the United States over the past several decades. While most modern husbands are OK with their wives having careers outside of the home, there may be some complications surrounding this issue. According to a study conducted in Sweden, a wife who experiences a sudden boost in her career may be more likely to face an unwanted divorce. It seems as though husbands and wives who change from traditional gender roles to gender-equal roles tend to experience rockier marriages.

More divorces happening because of stress from student loan debt

Financial problems have never been romantic, and the high levels of student loan debt held by people in California appear to be straining marriages. A website service that helps users manage education debt conducted a study and found that 13% of respondents specifically cited student loans as the reason that they got divorced.

You can seek more, even in a community property state

Your spouse just came to you and explained that they no longer want to be married. You've been blindsided by this, since you thought everything was fine. Both of you work regularly, but you were still spending time together and seemed to get along well. You suspect there is more to your spouse seeking divorce than just being unhappy with you, but at the end of the day, your biggest concern is just to get out of the divorce intact.

How parents can retain their authority

Partners who are controlling or narcissistic during a marriage are unlikely to change after a divorce. This may present a variety of challenges as it relates to raising a child after the marriage is over. However, there are a variety of ways that parents in California can meet and overcome these challenges in an effective manner. It is important for someone who is raising a child to know that they can only control themselves.

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