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Wiping tech clean during a divorce

Going through a divorce in California can be a stressful process. There are a number of challenges that a divorce may bring, including financial and emotional challenges. Many are discovering that there are also tech-centric headaches connected to splitting up. These include managing shared gadgets, passwords and online accounts. Here are a few things that a spouse may want to consider addressing prior to their divorce.

Protecting yourself during divorce starts before you file

You and your spouse have been together for years, and you already know that California is an equitable distribution state. This indicates to you that there's very little your spouse can do to change the fact that you'll split your assets 50-50. What you are more worried about is making sure you have access to all the assets, so that you can prove that they exist to the court.

Dealing with divorce and cryptocurrency

Some California investors with the means to do so are exploring their options with a type of virtual or digital currency known as cryptocurrency. There is nothing wrong with simply purchasing or selling digital currency. It can, however, become a problem if marital assets involve cryptocurrency. First of all, this type of currency is often difficult to value since prices can fluctuate significantly over a short period of time.

Getting ready for a divorce

In addition to being an emotionally trying process, divorce can also be very complicated. California couples who are ending their marriages can take certain steps to organize and prepare for what lies ahead. Spending time getting properly organized can result in a less nerve-wracking process and may help produce the outcome that individuals want.

Lying about spending or savings could mean trouble for marriage

People often tell what they consider to be small white lies to keep things moving smoothly in their home or their relationship. For example, not admitting how much money you spend on coffee every week may seem like a harmless issue if it helps you avoid an argument with your spouse. However, that attitude of avoiding conflict by withholding financial information isn't necessarily the best approach.

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