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Dealing with divorce and the family home

For many divorcing couples in California, the family home may be one of the most materially valuable and emotionally resonant assets being addressed in divorce negotiations. Unlike bank accounts or retirement funds, there's no simple way to divide a home in two. This is one reason why couples decide to sell the home and each start fresh in a new place. If the couple sells the home during the divorce, they can pay off the remaining mortgage with the proceeds before dividing the excess between both parties. In some cases, especially when children are involved, one spouse may want to remain in the home to ease the post-divorce transition for the kids.

Here are 3 ways to get your property appraised

One thing that many people who go through divorce deal with is deciding if they should keep or sell a home. Homes may contain many good memories, and some people want to keep them as a result. However, the value of the home may make it necessary to sell it to split profits or to sell it to avoid payments that you can't make on your own.

The relationship between debt and divorce

Getting out of debt could be the reason a marriage in California survives. Financial stress often plays a role in marital stress for many different reasons. In some cases, it's because individuals aren't sure how they will pay the debt off or fully understand the details of their outstanding balances. There are times when couples choose to get into debt in an effort to maintain their marriages.

How parents can handle child custody and visitation

When parents in Alameda County make a decision to live apart from each other, both may need to come to an agreement about child custody and visitation. While each family has its own unique circumstances, several types of arrangements are some of the most common options to arrange shared parenting time. Among the options that are most popular are weekly joint custody schedules, weekend visitation options, vacation and holiday visitation, and supervised or third-party visitation.

What divorced parents can do to help children during holidays

The holidays can be a tough time for divorced and separated families. Anger, fear, sadness and betrayal are among the emotions that both children and adults might contend with, but parents need to set these emotions aside to focus on their children. It is important to try to make sure that children still enjoy their holidays even though it may be hard for the parents.

How parents may protect their children during a divorce

When parents in California go through a divorce, there might be reasons that one parent is concerned that the child is unsafe with the other parent. In one case, one father was worried that the child's other parent would drink and drive with their 7-year-old son in the car. She had moved away with the child and cut off contact. The father was also concerned because she had not been the child's main caregiver during their relationship.

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