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November 2018 Archives

Tips for dealing with new alimony tax laws

California couples who are getting a divorce may be aware that starting in 2019, tax laws around alimony are changing because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. For divorce agreements finalized after the end of 2018, alimony will no longer be tax-payable or tax-deductible. This may mean the person who pays alimony remains in a higher tax bracket while still having to pay, and overall, it is anticipated that there will be less money for both people.

Tips for resolving parenting plan disputes

Your parenting plan is the outline that you will follow for when and how you parent. While some parenting agreements are comprehensive, others provide more flexibility. You must ensure that you are taking into account your ability to work with your ex when setting things up.

Making changes in child support and custody

California parents who decide to divorce may face a difficult time when dealing with child custody and support. Some divorcing parents are quickly able to negotiate an amicable solution on these matters and develop a parenting plan that honors both parents' role in the children's lives. However, divorcing spouses with a more contentious relationship may find themselves embroiled in a battle over child custody. As a result, many mothers and fathers feel as if they are treated unfairly in court.

4 tips to help you get alimony

With alimony, your goal may be to obtain an income that helps support you while you go back to school or build up your work experience. Alimony helps smooth the gap between your marital income and your income on your own, but it won't ever create equal circumstances.

Avoiding common tax and other financial errors in divorce

For some people in California, the challenges of divorce can include making some common financial mistakes, but awareness of those errors may help people avoid them. Many mistakes happen because people do not have a financial plan in place. They can create one of these with the help of a professional.

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