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Study looks at link between divorce and premarital cohabitation

When couples in California live together before getting married, they might experience something researchers call the "premarital cohabitation effect." This is the name given to the struggles cohabitating couples face after getting married. Many researchers have found that over time, this effect eventually dissipates.

Raising children after a divorce

Divorce is never easy on a family in California. However, kids can bounce back from a separation when parents are perceptive to their needs. Since divorcing parents are also struggling with their life-changing circumstances, they might look to some specific tips to help them focus on raising their children.

Gray divorce and retirement

No matter how old individuals are when they get a divorce, it can be a process that negatively impacts them financially and emotionally. For California residents who are at least 50 years old, getting a divorce can be extremely difficult, particularly if they have had a long marriage and most or all of their assets are tightly tied to their future plans.

Back child support and purchasing a home

A California parent who owes back child support is considered to have a derogatory credit event in their credit history. This child support arrearage could actually impair the chances of getting a loan approved to purchase a home. However, there are steps a parent can take to address the issue.

Some workers are more likely to divorce than others

People in California may not be surprised to consider that their career choices affect their personal lives, from their physical and psychological health to their interpersonal relationships. According to one study, however, the reach of career choice into romantic partnership goes beyond the effects of stress or a long workday. The September 2018 study says that when straight, married people work around more people of the opposite sex, they are also more likely to have a divorce.

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