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How to co-parent effectively after a divorce

Estranged California parents need to prioritize the best interests of their children after a divorce. This means understanding that the other parent is important to the child despite the differences between the parents. Parents should allow their children to talk about their life with the other parent and avoid putting the child in the middle.

Yes, the courts will divide your debts in a California divorce

The average couple considering divorce probably doesn't agree on what fair terms for that look like. For many couples, property division is the most contentious issue other than child custody in a divorce. Each spouse may have his or her idea about what is fair, and it is common for those disagreements to result in protracted court battles.

How joint custody impacts child support payments

When a parent in California gets joint custody, they share time with their children with the other parent. Essentially, both parents are responsible for the emotional, financial and educational well-being of the child. This may cause some divorcing parents to wonder what impact joint custody will have on the amount of child support that will be paid.

The effects of money issues before and after divorce

For many California parents whose marriages end in divorce, money issues play a significant role in the separation. For some of them, financial issues continue to impact their interactions and decisions even after the divorce papers are signed. When these decisions are made from anger, they can even negatively affect the children's well-being. Finances can drive some parents to lose focus of what should come first: the children's best interests.

How money problems can lead to divorce

Issues around finances could mean trouble for some marriages in California. A lack of communication about money usually leads to problems at some point. Couples may be able to avoid this by having monthly meetings in which they talk about finances and review spending and saving. In some cases, communication is so poor that one person might actually be hiding an account from the other. This can represent a serious trust issue that can potentially poison other aspects of the relationship.

Divorce's effect on retirement planning

When people in California make the decision to divorce, especially after years of marriage, it can have an effect on their plans and readiness for retirement. In many cases, retirement funds are among the largest marital assets shared by a couple, and the division that takes place during a divorce can spark a need for serious financial work to rebuild retirement savings. While many people expect the financial repercussions of divorce to be significant, the most commonly cited issues are those that occur immediately after a split.

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