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Study identifies one factor in divorce

The roles assumed by men and women in California at the start of a marriage could play a role in that marriage's longevity according to a study by Swedish researchers. Marriages in which women start out making less than half of their husband's salary or have no income and all and later embark on a successful career are more at risk than those in which husbands and wives start out on equal footing.

Divorcing as a business owner

When you are the owner of a business in California, it is only natural to want to protect your assets. Your business is a result of your hard work over many years, and many divorcing business owners worry that their hard earned assets will be compromised in the event of a divorce.It is important not to be complacent regarding such issues, and anyone with high assets should be extremely mindful of the financial consequences before filing for a divorce. If you plan ahead, many asset division obstacles can be avoided, and parts of the law can be used to your advantage.

Challenges faced by older people after divorce

Twice as many older couples are divorcing today compared to the 1990s, but this could leave some people in California having to deal with financial matters for the first time in their lives. A survey by UBS Global Wealth Management found that a majority of women said they left financial planning and investing up to their husbands. The survey included 1,500 couples and 600 women who were divorced or widowed. Participants had to have at least $250,000 in liquid assets.

Protecting children from parental hostilities during divorce

Most parents in California understand that divorce inflicts emotional challenges on children. While disruption cannot be prevented, parents can avoid behaviors that could make the transition even more difficult for the family.

Divorce during pregnancy: What to consider

As a soon-to-be parent, one of the things you never thought you'd hear yourself say is that you want to get a divorce. After you said the words and thought about the implications for yourself and your child, you grieved over the situation. But at the end of the day, you still believe it's the right decision.

Protecting assets during a split

Regardless of who earned an income during a marriage, both parties have their own financial interests to tend to if the marriage comes to an end. California residents should look to open their own bank accounts, learn the basics of financial management and close all joint accounts as soon as possible. Doing so can help a person gain leverage in divorce settlement talks. It can also prevent any new joint debt from accruing before the divorce is finalized.

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