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Child custody can be key issue for divorcing parents

When California parents choose to divorce, some of the most controversial and contentious issues that can arise are those related to their children. Concerns over child custody and visitation can be the most emotionally and practically challenging issues at stake. However, no matter how conflict-oriented the divorce is, facilitating a positive co-parenting relationship can be critically important for their children's psychological health and well-being.

Business ownership and divorce settlement

California business owners who are going through a divorce may face a variety of issues as it relates to creating a settlement. In some cases, the owner's spouse may attempt to get a share of future profits as well as base alimony demands on the value of the company. This is referred to as "double-dipping", and it may be possible to craft a final divorce settlement that prevents this from occurring.

How to Keep Custody Battles Civilized

For some partners, divorce is the only practical solution to a troubled or unsatisfying relationship. While legal separation can be a difficult process in any situation, it takes on a new level of complexity when there are kids involved. Prolonged or hostile divorce proceedings can negatively impact a child's development and psychological health, so parents are advised to seek a peaceful solution whenever possible. California law prioritizes the well-being of children, which usually includes regular contact with both parents, in any dispute over custody.

Digital visitation gives you a better connection to your child

You never wanted to get a divorce while your child was still under your roof, but obstacles in your marriage have become too much. You and your spouse agree that it's time to get a divorce, but you aren't sure how to handle custody. Your spouse wants to take a job a few hundred miles away, so visiting is possible regardless of who obtains custody, even though it's a few hours to the new city.

Tax implications of a divorce

When California couples get a divorce, there are a number of tax considerations they should keep in mind. If the divorce was finalized by the last day of the year, the couple should file their tax returns separately. Couples whose divorce was not yet final, even if they are separated, may file jointly or as married filing separately.

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