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What happens when a restraining order is granted

A person in California may decide to file a restraining against someone who has been violent towards them or threatened to be violent towards them. Even if the person who is being restrained did not threaten the victim's children, a restraining order will protect the victim and any minor children that they live with. The restraining order will also protect other relatives who live in the victim's home.

Convicted of Domestic Violence? How it could affect custody

Everyone makes poor choices at one time or another. If you have a domestic violence conviction, it's probably not something you're proud of. You love your kids and you want to be a part of their lives. But you're getting divorced and you worry: how will my domestic violence conviction affect my relationship with my kids? Will I be able to see them? Does it mean I have no chance at shared custody?

Sarah Palin's son in domestic violence incident

Physical abuse may be an issue for a California couple as it was for Sarah Palin's 26-year-old son Track and his girlfriend in January. The incident occurred during a drunken argument between the two, and he was arrested that night. He has been in other alcohol-fueled fights, such as a brawl at a party in 2014 that left him with broken ribs.

Domestic violence a national epidemic

On Dec. 18, a New Jersey man killed his girlfriend and her teenage daughter with a rope and a hammer. As is often the case, the local media did not report this crime as domestic violence but as a double homicide, questioning the actions of the victims. The story underscores a public health crisis that plays itself out millions of times a year in California and across the United States.

Problem of domestic violence

Although many California residents are aware of the problem of domestic violence, they may not know how prevalent it is, both in the state as well as across the nation. The problem impacts millions of people in the United States every year, and domestic violence victims include both women and men.

Power of restraining orders

A California resident who is being physically or sexually abused, threatened, harassed or stalked may get a restraining order against the person who is allegedly initiating the damage or threat. The order is sometimes called a protective order and is issued by a court.

The different types of California domestic violence

Domestic violence is generally defined as any act or pattern of abuse that one person uses to control another. Actions intended to manipulate, isolate or humiliate another person can be considered domestic abuse even if there is no physical harm done to that person. For instance, an individual may attempt to control his or her partner by withholding access to that partner's bank account or by refusing to allow that person to work.

Domestic violence and California restraining orders

Domestic violence is an all-too-real problem for many men and women in California. In many cases, the domestic violence victim may be afraid to leave as they have very real concerns about suffering violence at the hands of their partner. In such cases, obtaining a restraining order against the other person can be a vitally important step to obtain protection.