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Tips for deciding whether to postpone divorce for children

People in California might wonder whether they should postpone a divorce for the sake of their children. The answer to this depends upon the specific circumstances. Although their parents' divorce can be stressful for children, there are circumstances in which it may be the best choice.

Understanding the legal divorce process

For California residents and others going through a divorce, it can be an overwhelming and stressful process. This is because individuals may be attempting to legally end their marriages while still dealing with the emotional pain that it may bring. The first step is deciding what the divorce process will look like. In some cases, mediation or collaborative divorce may be better than trying to resolve the matter through litigation.

Knowing when to end a marriage

While residents of California may not want to end their marriages, splitting up is the best decision in some cases. Parents with children often end their marriages for the good of the family. Even if a child doesn't understand why his or her parents aren't together anymore, that child will grow up to realize that divorce was the best option for them.

Common predictors of divorce rates

When couples marry, most hope that their union will last a lifetime, but statistics show that some couples will end up getting divorced at some point. California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that the spouse who is asking for a divorce does not have to state a specific reason why they want a divorce, only that they no longer wish to be married to their spouse.

Where young people are most likely to get divorced

There are many variables that could increase a California resident's risk for getting divorced. Choosing the wrong mate or working in a certain profession could make it more likely that a marriage will end. Where a person lives may also play a role in how success a marriage may be. Arkansas has the highest rate of divorce for those under the age of 30 at 20 percent.

Why people choose to get a divorce

Many California couples considering divorce are likely aware that ending a marriage is not uncommon. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 22 percent of couples get divorced within the first five years of being married. There are several main reasons why marriages fail.

Some factors make a divorce more likely

California couples end their marriages for many reasons, but there are some factors that increase their likelihood of divorcing at some point in the future. Just because people have some of these characteristics does not mean that they will get divorced, however.

Studies find positives in online relationships

While many people may associate online dating with casual relationships, there is some evidence that these types of services often lead to more stable relationships for couples in California and throughout the country. This was one of the findings of a study conducted by professors at the University of Vienna and the University of Essex. More than one-third of contemporary marriages are the result of online meetings.

Dangerous and toxic relationships justify divorce

Most California couples recognize that relationships have their ups and downs and not every issue leads to divorce. Marriages that inflict abuse and deep unhappiness, however, might be irreparable. The safety of children especially demands action as does a spouse's ongoing destructive behavior, like drinking.

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