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Using online calculators to estimate child support

When California parents of minor children end their marriage, it is likely that the non-custodial parent will pay child support to help the primary caregiver with the costs of child-rearing. To get an idea of how much in child support they may be responsible for paying each month, some turn to online child support calculators. However, it is important to note that these calculators may not be entirely accurate due to a variety of factors.

California to enforce Canadian restraining orders

A California bill that allows law enforcement agencies in the state to enforce Canadian orders of protection has been signed into law. Not only does the bill allow police to better protect those seeking protection from domestic violence, but it will also improve cooperation between the state and Canadian authorities.

What to consider when trying to retain the marital home

California residents who are in the process of getting a divorce are likely considering their future living arrangements. In many cases, one or both spouses want to retain ownership of the matrimonial home. Spouses who want to keep the mortgage and marital home might want to consider several aspects of their finances before making a decision.

Seeking a child support modification from the court

When California parents of minor children get divorced, it is likely that one of them will be responsible for paying child support. The child support order is calculated based on a variety of factors, including the parents' income and the child's unique needs. However, life events can cause a parent's ability to pay the ordered amount of child support to change.

Renewal of protective order not dependent on new abuse

Law enforcement officers in California respond to domestic violence calls by the thousands. To aid people and families affected by domestic abuse, the Family Violence Appellate Project appeals court decisions that fail to protect victims. The nonprofit victim advocacy group won an appeal for a woman who had been denied a renewal of a three-year restraining order against an ex-boyfriend.

Best interests of child paramount in child custody disputes

In most cases, California parents generally have a right to spend time with their children even after they get a divorce. In addition to determining the amount of time that a child spends with each parent, the custody agreement should explain where, how and when the exchange will take place.

Fathers in America

California fathers who reside with their children are being more involved in caring for them and are more helpful around the home. The number of fathers who are single or have chosen to remain the home while their spouse works has grown. However, the number of children who are growing up with no father in the household has grown as well.

Child custody preparation in the event of deportation

California parents whose immigration status is not documented might have a child custody option if deportation occurs. Volunteer lawyers and law students in some parts of the country have started helping parents who are uncertain about deportation file the necessary paperwork that allows them to transfer custody of their children to a trusted person in their state.

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