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Why both parents should aim to be in their child's life

Scientific research has shown that children in California and throughout the country benefit when they have both parents in their lives. In fact, statistics from groups including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 85 percent of those who are in prison were raised by single parents. Children brought up by only one parent also make up 85 percent of children who have behavioral disorders as well as 71 percent of high school dropouts.

Steps to take when seeking custody of a brother or sister

If a California resident wants to gain custody of a younger sibling, it may be possible to do without engaging in a legal battle. In some cases, it may be possible for an individual to simply ask the legal parent or guardian to give up custody. Some parents may actually relish the opportunity to be relieved of their duties, and it may make it easier on the parent, the child and the person seeking custody.

Making a child support agreement

When California parents of young children get a divorce, one will in most cases be required to pay child support to the other. There are a few ways in which child support may be decided. The parents might negotiate with one another, often with the help of their respective attorneys, and reach an agreement. There may be a more formal process of alternative dispute resolution that still takes place outside of court. In cases where the divorce is contested, the judge presiding over the trial will make the determination.

How to organize finances and prepare for a divorce

California couples who are considering divorce may wonder how they can prepare their finances. They may be getting advice from family and friends, but if that advice comes from other situations, it may not apply to them. It may be better to consult professionals, such as an attorney or a certified divorce financial analyst, rather than relying on the experiences of others.

Options for sharing child custody

California parents who are getting a divorce might wonder what type of custody arrangement would suit them and their children. There is a growing trend toward joint custody as recognition grows that children benefit from building relationships with both parents. However, joint custody can create instability for children as they have to move back and forth between their parents' homes. In some cases, a solution to that is an arrangement called "nesting".

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