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December 2016 Archives

Child support regulations revamped for incarcerated parents

California parents may be interested to learn that, on Dec. 19, the Obama administration issued rules that were designed to assist prisoners with child support while they were incarcerated. It is hoped that the rules will make it easier for inmates to reenter society once they have finished serving their sentence.

What happens when a restraining order is granted

A person in California may decide to file a restraining against someone who has been violent towards them or threatened to be violent towards them. Even if the person who is being restrained did not threaten the victim's children, a restraining order will protect the victim and any minor children that they live with. The restraining order will also protect other relatives who live in the victim's home.

When one divorced parent decides to move

Divorced parents in California might have the best interests of their children in mind when they initially decide to live near one another to make the transition easier for their child. However, according to one study, around 33 percent of men and half of all women are still angry at their former spouses 10 years after the end of the marriage. Some of this anger may carry into parents' interactions with one another and make compromise difficult.

Child support should be paid by non-custodial parents

California residents may not be aware that across the U.S. around 40 percent of children are born to single parents. This number has been increasing over the past couple of decades. In 2000, for instance, a third of children were born to parents who were not married. As the number of children born to single parents has gone up, the percentage of eligible parents who seek child support has decreased.

An attorney protects assets in divorces involving spousal support

Sometimes, it can feel like taking the high road to decide to move through the divorce process without involving attorneys. Unfortunately, trying to end a marriage can be a messy, drawn-out process where emotions run high, leading to compromised decision making.

Robert Meachem reportedly owes almost $400K in child support

California NFL fans might be interested in learning that Robert Meachem, a former wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, may owe as much as $400,000 in back child support and alimony. Meachem helped the Saints to win a Super Bowl title.