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November 2016 Archives

Grandparent visitation in California

In certain situations, grandparents may be awarded visitation rights. This type of visitation is awarded in order to make certain that children receive the added developmental benefits of having access to those relatives. Grandparents may also be awarded custody of their grandchildren if both of the child's parents are deceased or if the parents are unfit.

Splitting student loan debt after a divorce

Since California is a community property state, debts and assets acquired during a marriage are generally considered shared marital property. This means if that marriage ends in divorce, those debts and assets will in general be equally divided between the two by a judge. This might include student loans.

Electronic access enhances child support processing

Child support issues can become serious matters for California parents whose payments have not been received. Some government agencies can help to manage child support collection, and funneling payments through a collections office has important benefits for both the payer and the recipient. However, the magnitude of the need for such management can impede efficiency. This need for efficiency is now being addressed on a national scale as an online portal goes through revisions needed to streamline processing.

Why maintaining child support is critical

When divorces turn ugly, all bets are off. Couples who once worked beautifully together are suddenly fighting each other for every little thing, particularly when it comes to the children produced by their marriage. From fighting over the division of time in shared custody to refusals to pay or adjust child support as temporarily ordered by the courts during the divorce proceedings, former couples can often feel very strongly about their custody and child support situations. That depth of emotion and possibly antipathy, however, can sometimes lead to poor decision-making. No matter how your relationship with your soon-to-be former spouse has devolved, you should absolutely prioritize protecting and caring for your children during the divorce proceedings.