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Reality TV star headed to court in child support dispute

Currently residing in California, Amanda Stanton has mediation scheduled with her ex-husband because of his desire to alter their existing child custody and support agreement. Stanton, who television viewers may know from her appearances on "Bachelor in Paradise" and "The Bachelor with Ben Higgins", reportedly earns considerably more income than when the original terms of child custody were established.

National alimony reform has not changed California's law yet

In our law practice, we regularly represent spouses who are divorcing and facing questions of spousal support or alimony, both those spouses who are potential recipients and those who are more likely to pay support. While some other states have recently enacted major reforms to conventional alimony laws, California is still in many ways fairly traditional in how it instructs judges to determine spousal support awards.

Asset division for baby boomers getting divorced

An increasing number of older couples are seeing their marriages come to an end. The trend appears to be ongoing and is not expected to decline anytime soon. California couples who have been married for years may need to think about their ability to retire when they are deciding how to divide their assets during a divorce.

Courts now encouraging shared parenting plans

Many California parents who are going through a divorce want to have joint physical custody of their children, and courts are now supporting shared parenting more than they did in the past. Though family court judges used to favor the mother in a majority of child custody decisions, they are now recognizing the benefits of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents.

New California law will impact living together after separation

You hear about it more and more: the idea that a married couple might decide to separate, but remain under the same roof, often so they can easily co-parent and so as not to uproot the children. Sometimes it is to share residential expenses until a divorce is final or because each wants to be the one to stay, thinking they might increase the chance of staying in the residence with the kids after divorce.

Co-parenting and rules for screen time

Divorced Californians with children know that successful co-parenting often depends on open communication and negotiation. Usually, the best way to co-parent is for both households to agree to maintain certain rules and routines. However, some parents might have disagreements over certain situations, such as how much time their children should spend in front of smartphones, computers or television screens.

Convicted of Domestic Violence? How it could affect custody

Everyone makes poor choices at one time or another. If you have a domestic violence conviction, it's probably not something you're proud of. You love your kids and you want to be a part of their lives. But you're getting divorced and you worry: how will my domestic violence conviction affect my relationship with my kids? Will I be able to see them? Does it mean I have no chance at shared custody?

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