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Determining who pays for children's activities after divorce

For the children of divorced California parents, reaching for a dream can be very difficult. For example, gymnastics and other sports often have expenses that need to be covered, such as coaching fees, lessons and even equipment. These expenses only rise as a child reaches higher levels. However, the child support guidelines may allow for a portion of the child support award to go towards these costs.

Determining child support in California

Typically, a child support arrangement is either agreed upon by the parents voluntarily or through alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Child support matters may also be settled by a court order. However, it may be preferable for parents who have a reasonably good relationship with each other to work out their own arrangement. This may be done without legal counsel, but most couples will have their respective lawyers review the agreement.

Know your finances before divorcing

Not all couples in California share the job of managing the finances. In fact, it is not unusual for there to be a division of labor when it comes to managing the household income. One spouse may handle day-to-day spending, like paying for groceries and utilities, while the other may manage long-term financial accounts and products, such as mortgages, retirement funds, and investments.

Jeremy Renner accused of failing to pay child support

Californians might be interested in learning that the ex-wife of "Mission Impossible" star Jeremy Renner is claiming that he has refused to pay their daughter's preschool tuition and is behind on his child support payments by $48,000. Renner strongly denies his ex-wife's accusations, calling them completely baseless and erroneous.

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