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June 2016 Archives

Divorce rate for older adults on the rise

Young California couples who marry may be less likely to divorce than their older counterparts, but experts say it is still too soon to tell. Baby boomers have kept the divorce rate high. In fact, people over 65 are now getting divorced at three times the rate they did in 1990. Among people 55 to 64, the rate has more than doubled. The overall divorce rate is down, but due to the high rate of baby boomer divorces, just over 50 percent of marriages still end in divorce.

Child support and private school education

Divorced parents who believe that a private school education will help their children achieve their highest potential may be interested in knowing how the ourts might consider allocation of child support payments for this purpose. Child support that is targeted specifically as payment for private school tuition is usually ordered as a supplement to basic support. In California, basic child support is calculated in accordance with guidelines that have been established by the state.

Defining virtual visitation and how it works

Virtual visitation could be changing how California children communicate with their parents following a divorce. This type of visitation involves the parties using email, instant messaging, photo-sharing sites, social media sites, video conferencing or mail, and other technology to interact with each other. The forms of technology that they use are usually part of the child custody or visitation order.