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March 2016 Archives

The effect on children of prolonging a divorce

Some California parents who consider ending their marriage end up prolonging the ultimate decision. While this may make sense in some situations, especially if one or both parties need time to think things through, it can have a detrimental impact on their children.

Deciding to file federal tax returns jointly or separately

A California couple considering divorce might find that filing federal taxes jointly is easier, but this is one situation in which separate filing may be warranted. Married couples, including same-sex couples, may file jointly or separately. Married parties cannot file as singles. Those involved in domestic partnerships and civil unions, however, cannot use either of the designations intended for married individuals. A joint filing tends to be the most sensible financial choice for married couples. However, there are cases in which separate filings are advisable.

Creating a workable parenting plan

California couples who are divorcing may need to co-parent for years to come if they have young children. In fact, cooperating as parents doesn't necessarily end when a child reaches 18. While adult children may no longer need parenting, if they have children themselves, there may still be negotiation ahead. If parents can establish a co-parenting relationship early on, then they might set the stage for a more peaceful lifetime with their children and grandchildren.

Shepherd exhausts all legal options in child support dispute

California residents who follow the career of Sherri Shepherd may sympathize with her legal challenges related to a child of her failed marriage to Lamar Sally. The couple contracted through a surrogacy agency to have a woman carry a child on their behalf, but prior to the child's birth, the couple separated. At the time of their divorce, Shepherd sought to have the contract voided, but she was deemed to be the legal mother by a Pennsylvania court in 2015.

The importance of financial planning in divorces

When California residents are contemplating a divorce, they are likely to turn to a lawyer to help them understand what paperwork they need to file and how to proceed. They may also rely on their lawyer to assist them with their finances, but that may not always be the best idea, especially if a couple has complex or numerous assets.