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September 2015 Archives

High-stakes divorces and forensic accounting

Wealthy California couples who are going through a divorce often rely heavily on the services provided by forensic accountants. Typically, these financial specialists are brought into the picture to manage commercial interests. When the actions or motives of business partners are unclear, forensic accountants may be of use. However, there are reasons why they are becoming increasingly used when marriages are coming to an end.

Thurman reaches agreement over daughter's custody

As California movie fans may have heard, Arpad Busson and Uma Thurman have settled their differences when it comes to raising their children. The ex-couple appeared in Manhattan Superior Court after coming to an agreement on a parenting plan. The judge enthusiastically welcomed the result.

Disclosure of assets in divorce property division

Most divorces in California and around the country are settled amicably and quickly, with the estranged couple reaching an agreement on property division and other issues and submitting it to the court for its approval. A long-running divorce case in New York, though, has proven to be an exception.

Gauging the viability of a child custody agreement

After a divorce, many California parents deal with co-parenting plans that adjust as children return to school in the fall. However, the academic and extracurricular activities of a child could conflict with a well-defined parenting arrangement. Although flexibility might be built into such an agreement, it may be necessary to make adjustments if conflicts arise.

Back-to-school season for divorced parents

As California children head back to school in the fall, their schedules quickly fill up with classes, after school activities and sporting events. For divorced parents with shared custody, maintaining a child's hectic schedule during the school year can be challenging. This is why agreeing on a detailed parenting plan is so important for divorced parents.