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July 2015 Archives

Pet custody battles

California couples who are going through a divorce may be worried about more than just child custody, spousal support and property division. Many people have pets that they consider to be part of the family. When a couple separates, there is often conflict over who gets to keep the animal. While in the past, pets may have been treated by the court as property, cultural changes have shifted how courts treat animal companions. Nowadays, a judge may treat an animal more like a human child and base decisions on what is in the best interest of the pet.

How substance abuse issues may impact child custody cases

Although a California resident might assume that drug use would have a negative impact on a parent's petition for custody of their child, one cannot generalize. The specific details of a case may play a role in the amount of parenting time and terms of visitation ordered by a judge. If drug abuse is an issue that is far in the parent's past, for example, primary physical custody could be a reasonable option. Further, joint legal custody is typically ordered unless one of the parents has been declared to be unfit.

Unpaid child support, more lead to arrest of rapper DMX

California residents may know Earl Simmons by his stage name DMX, but the New York City Sheriff's Office apparently knows him as a man who failed to pay $400,000 worth of child support among other things. According to a representative of the office, the rapper had multiple outstanding issues that led to his arrest on June 26.

How debt can be divided similarly to assets in a divorce

Many California couples who are getting divorced in court understand that assets from the marriage will be split. However, it's less commonly known that debt will be split among the spouses as well. Similar to other property obtained during the marriage, debt will have to be divided. Knowing how the debt might be divided is important for both parties.