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January 2015 Archives

How technology is changing child visitation

In an age where communication is increasingly done through instant messaging, email and social media, it is no surprise that child visitation may also be moving into the virtual realm. So-called virtual visitation is defined as any form of child visitation that makes use of an electronic medium such as a phone, email, webcam or social media site. A handful of states have enacted laws pertaining to virtual visitation, and courts in other states including California are beginning to take notice.

Pet custody a growing concern in divorce cases

California couples who are facing divorce may have more to think about than issues around support, child custody and the division of community property. Increasingly, couples are negotiating what happens to their pets after a split as well.

Protecting a business from the possibility of the owner's divorce

Even if their marriages currently seem blissful, wise entrepreneurs might do well to have some safeguards in place in case their unions turn sour down the road. This is especially true in community property states, like California, where assets accumulated during the marriage -- including businesses -- are split down the middle. With the divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, it is only good business planning to consider this possibility.

Dividing a 401(k) in a divorce settlement

A person who is going through a high asset divorce in California might wonder what will happen to their 401(k) plan. Depending on the details of the divorce settlement that is reached, an individual will likely have to pay out a portion of the assets that they have in their 401(k) plan to their ex-spouse.