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November 2014 Archives

High-asset California divorces

Some divorces in California are referred to as high-asset divorces. This term refers to marriages in which a significant amount of assets, property or business interests accumulated. When you are going through a high-asset divorce, determining the appropriate equitable property division in order to protect your interests may be extremely difficult for you.

Child custody modifications in California

After a court has issued a child custody order, either one or both parties are able to seek a change to it by filing a motion to modify the order with the court that has jurisdiction over the case. Many situations can occur that necessitate the filing of such a motion.

Dealing with domestic violence issues in California

Allegations of domestic violence are serious, and regardless of whether a couple is engaged in the divorce process, these allegations may have a significant legal impact. Working with a lawyer who has an understanding of domestic abuse issues may be helpful in dealing with your situation.

Modifying a child support order

Sometimes, California parents who are either receiving child support or are under an order to pay it have significant increases or decreases in their incomes through no fault of their own. In such situations, it is possible for either party to file a motion to modify a previously-issued child support order to procure a corresponding increase or decrease in the ordered monthly amount.