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September 2014 Archives

Property division in California may be complex

California residents who are contemplating divorce may be interested in how marital property is divided. In a community property state, all property including assets and debts are divided between the parties. Spouses might take several steps to make the process easier.

Domestic violence in marriage and divorce situations

California residents may be aware of domestic violence issues in the marriages of friends, families or public figures. In many cases, there may be an interest in the implications if an abuse victim desires to leave a marriage. Domestic violence includes both physical and emotional actions that harm an individual in a family environment. In a marriage, one spouse suffering such actions from another spouse may be viewed as a reason for divorce.

49ers defensive end facing domestic violence charges

Officers detained a professional football player, Ray McDonald, on Aug. 31 on suspicion of felony domestic violence, according to the San Jose Police Department. Police booked McDonald, who plays defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, into the Santa Clara County Jail.

The true value of a forensic accountant

When a California couple decides to go their separate ways, the divorce process serves to effectively divide all that they own. Decisions are made regarding community property, if there will be support payments and where the children will reside. In some cases, this process is relatively straightforward, but it can become complicated when a couple's assets include stock options, deferred compensation, businesses, retirement plans, rare collectibles and other assets that are difficult to appraise.

Child custody and visitation in California

Parents in California who are divorcing will also have to decide on issues surrounding custody, visitation and support. These issues may be complex and may be agreed upon by both parents or decided by the court if they cannot agree.