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Watch what you post online during child custody cases

Parents getting divorced in California may be concerned about how their children will be impacted by the split. One of the biggest questions parents ask is in regards to child custody and how custody and visitation orders are determined. Every case is unique but there are some common factors judges consider when determining custody arrangements. 

Child custody case could impact in vitro, sperm donor cases

A paternity case in California could have a significant impact on future child custody cases in the state. The actor Jason Patric has been seeking custody of his four-year-old son who was conceived through in vitro fertilization with his former girlfriend. After seeking paternity rights, a court ruled that he didn't have any paternity rights because the child was conceived through in vitro fertilization and the couple didn't sign a co-parenting contract. 

California bill would change protective orders for children

Domestic violence cases can have a significant impact on child custody and visitation rights in California. In many domestic violence cases that result in criminal charges, the court often orders a protective order for the victim. However, a loophole in the state's law does not include children to be included in these protective orders. Instead, family members have to request a separate protective order for minor children, which can be time-consuming and put the child at risk until the protective order is issued.

Consider college expenses during divorce negotiations

Like many divorced parents in California already know, divorce can have a significant impact on your finances. Divorced parents have several factors to consider during the divorce process, and one of the most important decisions regarding your child's future deals with college expenses. Who is expected to pay for college expenses after the divorce and how will financial aid be affected?

Why you should consider having a prenup before tying the knot

When you are getting married, you don't think about what will happen if you ever split up. Unfortunately, more couples may want to address what will happen to their property and assets before they tie the knot since the divorce rate is sitting at 40 to 50 percent in the United States. 

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