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April 2014 Archives

Understand your financial accounts before divorce negotiations

Getting divorced in California can seem complicated, especially when it comes to discussing property division. Many couples worry about how their finances will be affected after the divorce, and one of the most common battles spouses go through during divorce involves money.

Planning for divorce in California may include support system

The decision to file for divorce is a highly personal decision. One of the many difficulties that some people in California may experience is the fear of the unknown. While some people considering divorce may have been through the process in a prior marriage, the individual circumstances of the present may raise new issues to face in a divorce. For someone who has never been through divorce, how to proceed may seem murky.

Californians may need to address stock options in a divorce

Dividing assets and debts during a divorce can be daunting for people in the East Bay area. California residents who divorce are generally entitled to an equitable distribution of marital property. If a couple owns a pair of late-model cars that are not encumbered by loans, determining an equitable distribution of the property may not seem daunting on the surface, but arriving at an equitable agreement may take some negotiation.