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March 2014 Archives

US Supreme Court holds tight on gun ban after domestic conviction

The United States Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that federal law prohibits a person convicted of domestic abuse -- even in the absence of violence -- may not possess a gun. The decision effectively overrules a ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The appellate court had previously ruled that the federal law barring people convicted of domestic violence applied to crimes involving the “violent use of force,” according to the Los Angeles Times. The recent high court decision says that the federal ban applies to any domestic violence conviction -- even misdemeanor state court convictions.

Income tax exemptions and child custody in California divorce

In many areas of law, tax issues may be of concern. During a divorce, a family law attorney may help a person to understand the tax implications of assets in resolving property division issues. A tax liability on one asset as compared to another, such as the cost-basis of a stock, may be important in assessing marital property. In divorces with children, tax issues may be negotiated in some cases.

Former California assemblyman arrested for domestic abuse

A former state assemblyman from Southern California has been arrested on domestic violence allegations. Few details about the most recent arrest against the man are included in a recent article. But, the same man was arrested in 2010 on domestic violence allegations after an argument was reported.

Judge finds majority of Harold Hamm's oil stock is pre-marital

Determining the value of a business interest can be an important process for some people in California who are seeking a divorce. A privately-held business may have many aspects that can affect the overall value. Generally, a publicly-held business is valued in a different way—with the price of stock relatively available. But, dividing assets in a divorce may often involve disputes in areas other than determining an actual fair value.