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February 2014 Archives

Researchers may look to reasons for divorce, California does not

In late January we discussed research that sought to determine if the economy has an influence on the divorce rate. The researchers found that in bad economies, the divorce rate seems to go down. Some commentators say that money issues generally seem to be a root cause of many divorces and the recent study of the drop in divorces in a bad economy seems confusing in that respect. But, then some suggest that when the economy tanks, people often wait for more affordable days before filing for divorce.

California appellate court decides non-compete issue in divorce

California residents who own a family business may have complex issues to work out in a divorce. California family law allows for several options of how a family business may be handled. Liquidating the business is one option. Buying out a former spouse’s share of the business may be another option. Determining the value of the business may be necessary, as well as determining what assets of the business fall within the marital estate as community property. Each individual story may have its own unique circumstances.

Facebook mentioned in increasing number of divorce cases

Last April, we discussed the plight of a woman who was in a contentious child custody dispute during a divorce. The family court judge had found content online that the woman allegedly posted regarding how she disciplined her child, along with other commentary about her kids. The idea of social media content making its way into family court is not a new concept.

Some commentators consider shared child custody as a preference

Some advocates suggest that state family laws all across the nation should gravitate more toward shared custody arrangements in divorces involving children. The idea is more about the amount of time that a child (or the children) would spend with each parent. Proponents of the idea say that an exception should be made in instances when there is evidence of physical abuse of a child, or substance abuse is implicated.