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Does the economy affect the divorce rate?

The decision of whether or not to file for divorce can be a difficult process. Contemplating legal separation or divorce is a major step. Many factors may come into play. For some people in the Bay Area, concerns over property division, potential support issues and creating a new budget may be involved in the decision-making process. For other people, it is not a tough decision to file for divorce. It may not be a question about if, but more a question about when to file.

Hillary Duff, MIke Comrie to divorce amicably

A large number of stories on the Internet regarding family law issues seem to deal with those contentious battles that may arise during a divorce. But, in many divorces, the two people involved may not always have that many issues in dispute. The differences between the estranged spouses may not be that contentious.

Analysis of financials in high-asset California divorce

California is known as a community property state in divorce proceedings. Coming to a settlement, or litigating property division issue, may involve technical evaluations of a variety of factors. Some cases may involve a single family home and one or two late model vehicles. In others, there may be various properties, possibly a business (or more than one family business)—and, what about potential hidden assets?

Commentators: More men seeking spousal support in divorce

Family structures have changed in some ways in recent decades. More fathers are stay at home dads in California. In two-income households, more and more women are the major breadwinners. These changes in household structure may be important in resolving issues after a marriage break down. Property division issues are not the only source of dispute involving finances in a divorce.

Is January the 'Divorce Month'?

When a marriage breaks down, some people have difficulty talking about with friends. Deciding to divorce is a major decision. When the New Year hits many people think about creating New Year’s resolutions and making changes in their lives. The New Year is often a time for reflection.

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