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December 2013 Archives

Prenup, spousal support and custody issues in Eastwood divorce

Spousal support in a family law case in California may arise in different ways than many Bay Area residents may expect. Courts may order spousal support when a couple seeks a legal separation or divorce through the courts, or related to a domestic violence restraining order. Often, one person may seek spousal support while a divorce or separation case is still in court—an idea commonly referred to as temporary support.

Appellate judges rule against California man over domestic issue

In November we discussed the issue of communication in divorce. It may not come as a surprise to many in the Bay Area that disputes between spouses are not uncommon when a marriage breaks down. In some instances, a dispute may lead to domestic violence allegations. Husbands and wives alike may be accused of domestic violence in California, and the accusations can have consequences in a divorce proceeding, criminal court and in other areas beyond the immediate circumstances.

Student loan debt and divorce: you cant sell a degree

A lot of property division discussions center on the division of assets with value. Although each spouse is entitled to half, the concern is over what their half going to look like? Who gets the car? Who gets the house? Should we sell the house and split the profit? How much of my spouse’s income (alimony) can I claim? Retirement accounts? Investment interest or property? The list of positive value assets goes on and on, but there is another side to property division.

First ex-wife includes second ex-wife in bid for child support

Celebrity divorces and separations, while unfortunate, also can be interesting to follow. Information about public figures is always newsworthy, and California residents often have a birds-eye view of the goings on in movie-land. When it comes to child support payments, the exorbitant incomes of celebrities usually translate into large claims to accommodate expensive lifestyles of children and ex-spouses.