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November 2013 Archives

Parents' fight over custody raises women's rights question

An ongoing court battle between parents, each fighting for custody of their son, is stretching from California to the East Coast. With facts involved that may affect future family law, this child custody dispute is raising questions about the rights of women who are pregnant.

Communication is key in both marriage and divorce

What causes a couple to file for divorce? A common response might be infidelity, whether financial or sexual. Another response in this day-and-age may be technology: the Internet, the cellphone or even the television. Speaking of technology, a lifestyle website took a poll of mental health professionals to see what their response was.

Father objects to evaluator's child custody fast food opinion

In late October we discussed the concept of the use of outside evaluators in the divorce process. Among the many kinds of professionals that may provide an opinion in a divorce involving children is a psychologist or other professional commonly referred to as a child custody evaluator. In some cases, a professional may be appointed by the court to provide an opinion to help the court in making decisions about custody, visitation and other issues regarding the children.

Commonly overlooked property items in divorce

Certain property types are unlikely to be forgotten in a divorce proceeding. Joint accounts, for example, are an obvious example of an asset that requires attention during property division discussions. Other types of assets, however, may be less obvious.