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September 2013 Archives

Retirement plans, pensions, may be issues in California divorce

In May we discussed the apparent uptick in divorces among people over the age of 50. While child custody and support issues can be involved in these situations, many more mature couples have significant property division issues that may need to be addressed. It is important for people (really at any age) who are seeking divorce to consider the less obvious assets that may be subject to division in a California divorce.

Tutera and Jurica to split child custody in California divorce

A great number of stories have graced the media pages concerning same-sex marriages in the past year or so. The public debate continues over same-sex marriage issues in many parts of the country as states struggle with how the issue should be resolved under family law principles. Amid the public debate over same-sex marriage, “My Fair Wedding” star David Tutera and his husband Ryan Jurica were heading to family court in Los Angeles to end their domestic partnership in court.

Alleged domestic dispute puts George Zimmerman back in headlines

It is not a secret that when a marriage breaks down, emotions can run high. Divorce is often associated with stress. Allegations can arise during the divorce process that can have impact upon the divorce process and negotiations.

Tracing assets in a California high-asset divorce

In many families, one person may handle the finances throughout a marriage. In other situations, each spouse may work on paying the bills and deciding where to invest marital funds. But in either of these arrangements (any the many variations upon the theme) one spouse or the other may have hidden assets somewhere. This may not be an issue for some people, but if the marriage breaks down and divorce becomes necessary, the ideas of hidden assets or how money has been invested may become an issue.