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August 2013 Archives

With celebrity splits, how does California law handle separation?

When a marriage runs into trouble, many people believe that the only two choices are to divorce completely, or not. Some couples stay in a marriage for religious reasons, or possibly other concepts (like the kids or financial reasons), but choose to simply live apart.

Can a simple Facebook post affect a California divorce?

There is little question that electronic communications have become ubiquitous in our culture. Social media outlets are commonplace, and who doesn’t have an email account? Many people in California use such outlets as Facebook, Twitter and many other electronic networking services to keep in touch with friends, and also to opine on daily events. Some people use such communications as a form of public diary.

Property division in California divorce may need full analysis

Most people may understand that when a couple divorces in California the issue of property division is addressed. Obviously, each household has its own asset and debt structure.

R&B artist Usher called in for child custody modification

In a divorce involving children the issues of child custody, visitation and support are all important considerations that should be addressed to meet the best interests of the children. But, over time, circumstances may change. Changes in employment of one or more of the parents or substantial changes in the needs of the children that arise after a California divorce is finalized may make an original custody or support order unworkable under the new circumstances.

Preparing for divorce includes gathering basic information

For some, making the decision to file for divorce can be difficult. For others, the decision may seem obvious. But, what to do next may be elusive for people in either group. Most adults in California can easily grasp what happens in a divorce—that is not really an issue. But each divorce, although handled through a general framework in family court, may have its own unique issues.