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July 2013 Archives

Filmmaker, author Michael Moore files for divorce after 21 years

Many Bay area residents may know of Michael Moore—he well known for his documentaries. He is also an author, having written nine books. The author and filmmaker is from the Midwest, and continues to live there. Sources say that he has filed for divorce in his home state after 21 years of marriage.

California lawmakers debate paternity for sperm donors

Lawmakers in Sacramento are considering a new father’s rights bill aimed at modifying California’s paternity laws when an unmarried woman has a child through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization involving donated sperm. Paternity issues are generally a matter of state law. A state senator from San Mateo says the measure would clarify when a sperm donor could seek paternity in California courts.

Charlie Sheen seeks California child support modification

When the issues of child custody and support come up, the common first response that some people may have relate to the initial disputes that may be involved during a California divorce. The issues are each important for divorcing couples who have minor children together, but the issues continue to remain important—even years after a divorce is finalized.

Domestic violence allegations can complicate California divorce

News reports say that the fire chief in Fresno, California was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in late June. Law enforcement received a 911 call reporting an incident at a home near the San Joaquin Country Club. Officers claim that the fire chief was in his yard. Police believe that the man was under the influence and was not cooperative with authorities.