Domestic Violence And Your Rights

When spousal abuse allegations are raised in a divorce, all the stakes are raised. In California, the law makes a presumption that a parent who abuses a child's other parent should not be given joint custody of the child. At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie in Pleasanton, our attorneys have extensive experience representing both husbands and wives in cases alleging domestic violence.

We Handle Both Sides Of Restraining Order Cases

If you have a restraining order against your spouse, but he or she keeps violating it, talk to our experienced attorneys. We have nearly 25 years of experience in family law and criminal law matters, and we can help you understand your options for enforcing the order. If you have decided to seek a divorce, it is crucial to discuss how domestic violence will affect the case before filing for a dissolution of your marriage.

On the other hand, if you believe that your spouse has falsely claimed that you have committed abuse, you need to contact a domestic violence lawyer as soon as you can. At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie, we know that such allegations have serious consequences:

  • You could be removed from the home if your spouse gets a protective order.
  • You could lose custody of your children.
  • You could lose your reputation and even your job.
  • You could be picked up for violations of a restraining order.
  • You could be accused of stalking.

We'll work with you to develop an effective defense, so that you don't have to suffer these penalties.

If you have already been charged with a misdemeanor, please read more about our misdemeanor criminal defense practice.

Contact The Law Offices Of John A. Guthrie

At our firm, our attorneys are very sensitive to domestic violence issues that are raised in the context of dissolution of marriage. Not all attorneys know how to handle such complex cases. We offer free consultations, so don't hesitate to contact us if the specter of abuse has raised its ugly head in your divorce. Contact us online, or call 925-271-4342 to schedule your appointment at our Pleasanton law firm.

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